Faculty & Staff

  Name Website / Bio Email
Maureen Dobbins Maureen Dobbins dobbinsm
Donna Ciliska Donna Ciliska ciliska
Susan Jack Susan Jack jacksm
Noori Akhtar-Danesh ­ Noori Akhtar-Danesh ­daneshn
Sarah Neil-Sztramko Sarah Neil-Sztramko ­neilszts
  Name Title Email
Nayab Choudhry Nayab Choudhry Research Assistant choudhrn
Emily Clark Emily Clark Knowledge Broker emclark
Rawan Farran Rawan Farran Research Coordinator farranr
Caitlin Ford Caitlin Ford Research Assistant fordc13
Leah Hagerman Leah Hagerman Research Coordinator hagerml
Stephanie Hopkins Stephanie Hopkins Business Development Analyst hopkis4
Heather Husson Heather Husson Administrative Director hhusson
Alyssa Kostopoulos Alyssa Kostopoulos Research Assistant kostopoa
Alanna Miller Alanna Miller Research Coordinator milleam4
Sophie Neumann Sophie Neumann Research Coordinator neumas2
Kristin Rogers Kristin Rogers Manager readk
Karlene Stoby Karlene Stoby Knowledge Translation Specialist stobyk
Robyn Traynor Robyn Traynor Knowledge Broker traynr
Emma Tutt Emma Tutt Research Assistant emmatutt29
Colleen van Berkel Colleen van Berkel Senior Knowledge Translation Specialist vanberkc
Current Students
  Name Degree / Department / Faculty
  Nicole Sala Master of Science, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences (2021-)