The purpose of this meta-analysis was to examine the evidence for the effectiveness of exercise interventions on the resting blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) of obese children. A computerized search was made of seven databases using keywords. Effect sizes (ES) and 95% confidence intervals were calculated, and the heterogeneity of the studies was estimated using Cochran's Q-statistic applied to the effect size means. Nine randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies were selected for review as satisfying the inclusion criteria (n=205 exercise, 205 control). The main cumulative evidence indicates that the exercise programmes with a frequency of three sessions weekly lasting longer than 60min had a moderate effect on systolic blood pressure (ES=-0.46, I(2) =27%), and programmes of under 12 weeks with more than three sessions weekly were beneficial in terms of reduction of diastolic blood pressure (ES=-0.35, I(2) =78%).