BACKGROUND: Alcohol misuse is associated with significant clinical and social consequences. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has been asked by the Department of Health to develop public health guidance to promote the prevention and early identification of alcohol use disorders in adults and adolescents.
OBJECTIVES: To undertake an assessment of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of i) measures to detect alcohol misuse amongst adults and young people; ii) brief interventions to manage alcohol misuse among adults and young people; and iii) interventions to improve management of England’s alcohol market.
METHODS: Systematic reviews of effectiveness evidence to address the above areas have been undertaken.
RESULTS: This report includes the findings of the systematic reviews of the effectiveness of price controls, interventions in the management of the availability of alcohol, and the control of alcohol promotion.
DISCUSSION: Evidence has been identified from a range of UK-specific and international settings for the impact of interventions in the control of pricing, management of availability, and control of promotion of alcohol. However, the applicability of studies conducted in non-UK settings should be considered during interpretation of the evidence base.